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Przepraszamy, ale poniższy tekst nie jest dostępny w języku polskim

When one speaks of classical music in Italy, there's a good chance one will speak of Casa Ricordi as well. With almost two hundred years of history behind it, Casa Ricordi is the oldest Italian music publishing firm still in business. It is the leader in the Italian market and unquestionably the world's most important publisher of opera.

As well as promoting and exploiting its existing legacy - an immense catalogue built up over two centuries - Casa Ricordi continues to develop a catalogue of the "classical" music by today's leading contemporary Italian composers. Particular attention is also devoted to forms of music theatre other than the canonical forms of "serious" music: the musical, incidental music and mixed genres.

Our mission is to encourage creativity in music and give it room to emerge: to expand our public and further its knowledge and appreciation of our large catalogue; and above all to offer the most interesting and creative musicians of our time the chance to being heard by the widest possible audiences. Achieving that meeting between musical creativity and the public, and doing it professionally and effectively, has always been the firm's prime objective.


Wydawnictwo opublikowało następujące pierwodruki dzieł Chopina:

Wariacja E-dur z Hexameronu na temat marsza z opery Purytanie Belliniego op. 29 A (1839), nr wydawniczy: N 10982 N (Chopin's variation)
Tarantella As-dur op. 43 (1841), nr wydawniczy: P 13042 Q
Sonata c-moll op. 4 (1851), nr wydawniczy: S 23298 S

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