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Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Przepraszamy, ale poniższy tekst nie jest dostępny w języku polskim

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is an academic publisher aiming to promote knowledge and learning through the production and distribution of valuable academic works. We have recently made plans to expand our coverage which will now include all areas of the arts and humanities. We have an interest in publishing proceedings of established or promising new conferences, research monographs, and edited volumes of academic work. We do not at present publish textbooks or non-academic manuscripts.

CSP has a policy of actively seeking and commissioning works in areas in which it has a publishing interest but at the same time invites and will consider unsolicited manuscripts in all of the areas in which it publishes. The publishing house constitutes the fruit of the ideas of a group of scholars who attended Cambridge University - lecturers, research fellows and doctoral students, but it has no formal connections to the University and is not related in any way to Cambridge University Press. We publish around 500 new academic titles a year and have produced numerous editions of collected works of literary figures, including a 56 volume set of the works of Conan-Doyle and a 53 volume set of the works of Anthony Trollope.


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